New poll proves Poilievre can’t beat Trudeau: Mayor Brown

Today, Mayor Patrick Brown issued the following statement regarding a new poll by Leger showing that Pierre Poilievre would lose to Justin Trudeau in a general election:

“This poll proves a vote for Poilievre is a vote for four more years of a Liberal-NDP coalition led by the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history, Justin Trudeau. 

“Justin Trudeau has racked up scandal after scandal, doubled our national debt, put thousands out of work, raised taxes, robbed Canadians of their freedoms, and unleashed a cost-of-living crisis that has families worried about how they’re going to make ends meet. 

“But these numbers show a Poilievre-led Conservative Party will lock in four more years of Trudeau’s destructive leadership, supported by his coalition allies in the NDP.

“The Liberals want Poilievre to become Conservative Party leader because they know he will stop our party from winning in parts of the country where we need to pick up seats. Unlike Poilievre, I have won seats in the Greater Toronto Area, where Conservatives have been shut out for years. And I’ve done it by building broad, election-winning, multifaith, multicultural coalitions united around Conservative values.

“Canada can’t afford to have Justin Trudeau re-elected as Prime Minister. We need a Conservative Party leader who can win, and that leader is me.”

“Poilievre, on the other hand, is Justin Trudeau’s first choice for Conservative Party leader.” 

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