Mayor Patrick Brown’s Statement on Roe vs. Wade

The US Supreme Court interim ruling has undoubtedly caused concern for many women.

While this is a US decision, in its wake, it’s important for leaders to commit to protecting women’s rights.

Additionally, the Justin-Jagmeet coalition will exploit the Roe v. Wade draft decision to use against Conservatives.

The Roe v. Wade decisions offers the Justin-Jagmeet coalition a lifeline to extend their time in power far beyond 2025, by making Canadians afraid of Conservatives.

Abortion in Canada should be safe, legal, and, in my personal opinion, rare. That’s why my government will support women and families with policies that encourage other options, such as adoption and increased parental supports.

This is why it’s important for us to be clear where we stand. A Conservative Party led by me will not change Canada’s abortion laws. Period.

I will protect women’s rights. I will also not allow the Justin-Jagmeet coalition to turn it into a sledgehammer to beat our party into oblivion with.

But I will always support the right of a woman’s decision on her reproductive health. Full stop.

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