Mayor Patrick Brown Releases Statement on Childcare

Today, Mayor Patrick Brown issued the following statement regarding his position on childcare:

“To have strong families and true gender equality in Canada, we need to value the labour of childcare, in all its forms.

“Unlike Pierre Poilievre, I would honour agreements signed with the provinces on affordable daycare, and unlike Justin Trudeau, make sure those daycare spots are actually built out. I would also recognize that Canadians need choice in how to raise their families. 

“I would value the labour provided by extended family members in raising children through a system of tax credits and direct contribution.

“I would make it easier for extended family members living abroad to come to Canada to provide childcare for new Canadian families.

“I would ensure that parents working in gig economy jobs or who have started small businesses have equal access to parental leave benefits as others currently do.

“I would also openly and proudly recognize that all families are equal, and work to overcome barriers that are unique to members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

“Unlike Pierre Poilievre’s regressive views on families and childcare, I believe we need more strategies to support Canadians in choosing to have a family, not less. As the only candidate in the leadership race that has a proven track record of winning in seats the Conservatives need to form government, that is what I will both fight for and deliver.”

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