Mayor Brown will Lead Conservatives to Victory in Next Election

Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton, released the following statement as he launches his campaign to lead the Conservative Party to victory in the next federal election:

“Today, alongside my wife, Genevieve, and our two children, I announced that I will run to become the leader of Canada’s Conservatives and ensure Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is defeated in the next federal election.

“I’m a street-level, kitchen table Conservative who knows how to win in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and in urban and suburban communities across Canada. And, as a GTA Mayor, I’ve governed successfully by doubling down on Conservatism – not running from it.

“Conservatives win when we’re true to our values and focussed on the issues that voters care about in their day-to-day lives right now.

“That’s how I broke through in the GTA, and that’s how I’ll lead this party to victory.

“After all, this leadership race is about one thing and one thing only – choosing a Conservative winner who can deliver a victory in the next federal election.

“Canada has changed, and it is time for a leader who knows how to build support in the communities, regions, and cities across the country where we need to break through to win government while giving voice to members who have supported this party for decades.

“It is time to unite Canadians with a positive Conservative vision that can win support in every corner of Canada. I am in this leadership race to fight, to lead, and, most of all, win.

Mayor Brown’s launch speech can be found here

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