A Plan for Western Canada

I will fight for every region of our country to be empowered and unified.

I will enact a low tax, competitive economy that builds jobs in every part of Canada. 

But there are several, longstanding specific concerns of western Canadians that a true fighter can fix.

Enough is enough. Western Canadians need a better deal. And I will fight for it.

As Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and as Prime Minister I will:

1.) Ensure equal representation for Western Canada by:

  • Making sure that electoral seat redistribution must be based on representation by population. Unlike Pierre Poilievre, I wouldn’t have voted with Justin Trudeau on the March 2022 motion to water down representation for underrepresented parts of Canada. Canada’s electoral system should reflect the nation that Canada has become, over 150 years since Confederation.
  • Committing, by way of legislation, to only appoint Albertan Senators elected through the current selection process in Alberta.
  • Working towards greater equality of regional representation on all parliamentary and cabinet committees. 

2.) Fix the unjust equalization program. I will fix the current equalization program by treating all resource revenues in each province/territory the same under the program. 

These changes would acknowledge that programs like the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer already provide equitable stable funding for provincial social programs, would ensure all regions are treated equally, and would serve to remove disincentives for provinces to improve their fiscal situations.

3.) Reject policies that force people out of jobs in certain industries. The only “just transition” is Justin Trudeau transitioning out of office. I will make sure Canada is a competitive, stable place for job creators to invest in sustainable natural resource development and fields like cleantech.

4.) Commit to regional balance in federal funding programs, particularly infrastructure. 

5.) Ensure equity in cultural representation. I will uphold equitable regional distribution of funding to arts and culture as part of federal spending programs, and ensure that art from every region of the country has a position of prominence in Canada’s National Gallery. 

6.) Ensure regional equity in the soft power systems of Ottawa. I will enact structural change within Canada’s federal government to ensure all regions have a voice within its political and justice system, including:

  • Mandating proportional regional equity for all new remote-based roles within the federal public service and within the various departments and agencies, especially at senior levels. With more public service positions moving towards work from home arrangements, new recruits to the federal public servants should be able to live in all parts of our country, including Western Canada.
  • Removing the requirement that federal judges must live in the Ottawa region.
  • Pledging that federal consultation processes will be regionally equal, so that provinces like Alberta are no longer undermined by proximity advantages held by Eastern-based lobbyists and interests.
  • Enable greater access for journalists from all regions of the country to the Parliamentary Press Gallery, to ensure widespread coverage of issues facing regions, like Western Canada, within the national news narrative. 

7.) Restore international pride and investment in Western Canada’s energy sector.  To do this I will: 

  • Clarify, with legislation, that setting caps on the greenhouse gas emissions of specific industries is the sole jurisdiction of provincial governments. This is not Justin Trudeau’s role, and he should respect our provincial leaders.
  • Move forward with a plan to build a national energy corridor. This will protect Canadian energy security and stop offshoring Canadian energy jobs to countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
  • Formally, and aggressively, promote the Canadian energy sector in foreign relations and in trade promotion. This will ensure Canada can meet the energy security needs of our friends and allies, like the European Union and  Ukraine.
  • Develop a plan to address climate change in full, open consultation with party caucus and members. Ensure that this policy respects provincial jurisdiction, protects the environment and keeps life affordable. 
  • Repeal harmful provisions in former bills C-48 and C-69.

8.) Acknowledge, in the House of Commons, the devastation the National Energy Program caused and issue a public apology on behalf of the federal government.

9.) Commit to retrench and clarify free-trade provisions in Canada in the Constitution. We need to tear down barriers to inter provincial trade.

10.) Aggressively work to reverse agricultural trade restrictions with countries such as China, India, and the United States that have had a disproportionate negative impact on Western Canada. 

11.) Acknowledge that list is not complete. Unlike Justin Trudeau, I will always listen to Western Canadians and work to make sure that their voices are heard. I will add to this list and get results for Western Canadians. 

12.) Win.

I am the only candidate that will make sure that the Conservative Party stops treating Western Canadian members like an ATM, and starts delivering election victories. 

I will make sure Conservative MPs and candidates from every part of Canada actually go to Western Canada, not just to ask for money for their own local campaigns, but to listen to the concerns of the people there and deliver results for them. 

It’s long past time for the rest of the Conservative Party to visit Western Canada, since it is so often the other way around.

As a Greater Toronto Area mayor, I have already delivered victories in the areas of the country where we need to win, while being a Conservative. I am the only big city mayor in Canada to deliver balanced budgets.

To finally fix Western alienation and to unite our country, Western Canadians need the Conservative Party to do something that we haven’t done in over a decade – and that is win.

I am the only candidate who can deliver the broad based coalition we need to form government. 

Western Canadians are tired of losing.

There’s nothing that unites Conservatives like winning an election.

We don’t need someone who is an attack dog in opposition, but will never be Prime Minister. 

We need someone who can win. 

That person is me.

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