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Why Patrick?


Mayor Brown is a proven fighter for Canadians.

He has led the fight against the discriminatory Bill 21 that bans religious symbols.

When a serial pedophile moved into his GTA city, Mayor Brown led the charge that resulted in police putting the perpetrator back behind bars.

And when the liberal media tried to make him Cancel Culture’s latest victim by smearing him with false allegations, he fought back to clear his name – and won.

Today, Mayor Brown is leading the Conservative counter-strike against Cancel Culture.

He lifted his GTA city’s ban on Christmas.  And, when a GTA transit driver was banned from displaying “Merry Christmas” or other religious phrases on his bus, Mayor Brown intervened.

Now, every bus in his city says “Merry Christmas” during the holidays while also celebrating other faiths year round.

Now he’s fighting to build a stronger Conservative Party – one that’s rooted in our values and principles, and can win.


Mayor Brown is a strong fiscal Conservative who knows how to deliver.

He’s the only big-city mayor in Canada to freeze taxes every year he’s been in office while delivering four consecutive balanced budgets.

And when COVID-lockdowns threatened the freedom of GTA families and businesses – and the mental health of Canadians – Mayor Brown became one of the only big city Mayors to speak out and demand an end to restrictions. 

Not only did he speak out, he also matched his words with action. 

It was Mayor Brown who ensured families could build skating rinks on their private property, something still banned by most “government knows best” municipal administrations.

Mayor Brown is also a successful businessman, who started and operated his own law firm, where he fought for the little guy.


Mayor Brown isn’t one of those Conservatives who talks a big game about knowing how to break through in the seat-rich GTA. He’s already done it.

As provincial party leader, he won a number of hard-fought by-elections in what were considered safe Liberal seats.

He has record-level approval ratings as a popular mayor in the GTA – where Conservatives need to breakthrough in order to win a government.

Mayor Brown is also a former Conservative Member of Parliament, elected three times under the leadership of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, where he served as GTA Caucus Chair.

But what really makes Mayor Brown a winner is his amazing wife Genevieve and his two young kids, Theo and Savannah. Their love and support motivate him to fight for Canadian families every day. 

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How else can I support Patrick?

Great question! If we’re going to make Patrick the next Prime Minister, his campaign needs your time – and, if you can, your donations!

And be sure to follow him on social media!